Microneedling is the art of creating microscopic punctures vertically in the skin by using a sterile needle, to deliver active ingredients and stimulate collagen production thus improving overall skin health.  With minimal recovery, it’s easy to fit this treatment into a busy schedule. 

We make use of a medical grade numbing cream and in most cases combine the treatment with a customized serum as well as some form of peel suitable for the skin type to give patients the full benefit of skin brightening, rejuvenation, de-pigmentaion, collagen and elastin production with so many more anti-ageing benefits.

What can be treated

Acne Scarring – Comedones/Black Heads – Pigmentation – Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Brightening Dull Skin Complexion – Improved Texture

Down Time

Depending on your skin goal, down time may vary.   The general rule is that the skin may stay red for 2-3 hours post treatment.  Is some cases redness are gone after the treatment.  Even though the redness have subsided, the skin is still going through a process which may or may not be visible.

What can be expected during down time?

Slightly red skin (flushed appearance), warm to the touch. A semi-sun burnt feeling.  After the redness subsides you may experience slightly dryer skin.  This is because the skin is going through a cell renewal process and the dead damaged cells are being removed.

Post Microneedling Tips

Use SPF daily.  Get yourself a barrier repair cream.  Avoid strong or harsh ingredients on the skin for up to 5 days.  Stay out of direct sunlight pre and post treatment until skin barrier function is intact.