Does your complexion seem uneven and dull? Do you have dull tired looking skin with fine lines or are you suffering from dehydration and poor skin tone? A professional chemical skin peel might just be the solution for you.

What is a Professional Chemical peel?

Chemical peels improve the texture of your skin through the application of a chemical agent (fruit acids) which promotes the growth of new skin cells.  This in turn causes regeneration of the tissue, resulting in a smoother, more radiant skin with a fresh glow.

Who are to benefit from a Professional Chemical Peel?

Patients with imperfections on their face, neck, hands or arms can benefit greatly from this procedure.

Acne Scarring – Skin Brightening – Fine lines and Wrinkles – Large Pores – Uneven Skin Tone and Texture (Pigmentation)

How many peels do I need?

There are such a wide variety of peels available for different skin care concerns that the amount of treatments required vary greatly from patient to patient.  You will receive a detailed treatment plan with every consultation.

What is the downtime?

Superficial peels are quick with no downtime but the skin might feel dry for 2 days post treatment.

Medium depth peels might give you a heated sensation and you will experience tightness and dryness which in turn will give you an older looking appearance before flaking occurs.  Skin might look darker in certain areas. Flaking will usually begin at day 3-4.

Is it painful?

An itchy, heated sensation can be experienced while the peel is on the skin.  Discomfort is minimal.